Naperville Ale Fest

A festival for lovers of craft beer, food trucks, and sunshine.

Naperville Ale Fest
Winter Edition



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February 22 2020
@ Frontier Park

12pm - 4pm

Tickets Will Go on sale november 21

A time-honored tradition, Naperville Ale Fest is Illinois’ only outdoor beer fest crazy enough to take place during the winter. It will be cold, yes, but also filled with beer! We’ll feature more than 150 American craft beers – with a strong focus on beers only available in the winter. Since most beer fests happen during the summer months, it’s rare to get a chance to try this many stouts, porters, barrel aged beers, winter warmers, and giant double IPAs all in one place. Add to that our “Secret Bombers” booth featuring mystery bottles from each brewery’s personal cellar and guests will get an opportunity to try a ton of impossible-to-get beers.


What's Happening?


150+ Craft Beers

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Hot Hard cider tent

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Cask conditioned tent

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infusion tent

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10 food trucks

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fire pits


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For fans of craft beer, food trucks, and winter