The seventh annual Naperville Ale Fest will take place on Saturday, July 13th at the Naper Settlement in Downtown Naperville. The fest is one of the largest in the area with more than 200 craft beers, live music and food trucks. Taking place on the 12 acres of the Naper Settlement, with downtown Naperville as a backdrop, it’s the ideal setting to experience craft beer.

In addition to the massive craft beer selection, the festival will feature a number of specialty experiences, including Cider Alley, Christmas in July tent, House of Funk, Milkshake IPA, and a craft spirits tent with a number of locally produced punches.

For those looking for a more elevated experience, the VIP hour features early entry, a limited edition bottle of the Naperville Ale Fest x Solemn Oath collaboration, food voucher, and access to the VIP lounge with specialty beers only available inside.

Saturday, July 13th

12pm – 5pm

Naper Settlement

200+ Craft Beers

Expect a lot of craft beer. We’ve pulled together over 200 of the best beers this country has to offer, and brought them all to one of the most striking venues we could find.

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Milkshake IPA

For the first time, the Naperville Ale Fest will feature the newest beer trend: BEERS THAT TASTE LIKE A MILKSHAKE! With IPAs that are brewed to taste like a milkshake, we’ll make sure we bring all the boys to the yard!

Christmas In July

We love Christmas beers. And even though some people think it’s weird, we love drinking them in the summer. That’s why we’ve been saving a bunch of speciality Christmas beer kegs in storage for just this moment.

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House Of Funk

"House of Funk"  features regional breweries producing some seriously funky and unique takes on the sour style. Tart, complex and totally unique, these are beers worth dissecting.

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Cider Alley

Cider Alley is a special place at our festival for those with a taste for something outside of the beer lane. It’s a tasty side trip from the malts, yeasts and hops into the world of ciders. We’ll be featuring craft ciders from Chicago and beyond, all perfect summer sipping.

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Mini Food Truck Fest

There are few things we love more than food trucks. That’s why we’re packing Naperville Ale Fest with a mini food truck fest, and bringing 10 of our favorite trucks in the gates. Besides the 200+ craft beer options, you’ll have tons of tasty food options to pair.

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Josh Seago