The Return of Naperville Ale Fest - Winter Edition


The Return of Naperville Ale Fest - Winter Edition

Naperville Ale Fest (Winter Edition) will be held on February 24th on the frozen tundra of Frontier Park.

A time-honored tradition, this is Illinois’ only outdoor beer fest crazy enough to take place during the winter. It will be cold, yes, but also filled with beer! We’ll feature more than 150 American craft beers – with a strong focus on beers only available in the winter. Since most beer fests happen during the summer months, it’s rare to get a chance to try this many stouts, porters, barrel aged beers, winter warmers, and giant double IPAs all in one place. Add to that our “Secret Bombers” booth featuring mystery bottles from each brewery’s personal cellar and guests will get an opportunity to try a ton of impossible-to-get beers.

The Details

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Frontier Park

12pm – 4pm


150+ Beers (Including Impossible-to-Get Rarities)

Expect a lot of craft beer. We’ve pulled together over 150 of the best beers this country has to offer, with a focus on the types of beers you don’t typically get at a beer festival during the summer months -- stouts, porters, barrel aged beers, winter warmers, and giant double IPAs.


Infusion Tent

Four beers poured through infusion machines called Randalls filled with fresh fruit, chocolate, coffee and more to create one-time-only beers. The beers will be holiday dessert themed and include, Sound Growler, Tangled Roots, Boston Beer, and Two Brothers.

Originally created by the craft beer innovators at Dogfish Head Brewery, a Randall is an organoleptic hop transducer module… which is a fancy way of saying it’s a device that infuses flavor into beer. The beer flows through the Randall on its way from the keg to the tap, pulling flavors out of the ingredients in its path. Randalls run beer through fresh hops, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla beans – anything really, making it a fantastic way to participate in one of our favorite parts of craft beer: the experimentation. It’s a way to take something great, and make it even better.


Cask Tent

We’ll be tapping five limited edition casks from some of Chicago’s best breweries.

Beer Bike

A “Paletas-Style” beer cart will roam the fest grounds delivering beer samples to thirsty guests.

Food Trucks

Ten of Chicago’s best food trucks will be in attendance, including Best Truckin, Carinvale Food Truck, Dinky Delights, Grumpy Gaucho, Happy Lobster, Izakaya Sushi, Maple Leaf Farms, Roaming Hog, Toasty Cheese, Toasty Taco. 


More Than Just Beer: Hot Hard Cider

As if 150 beers weren’t enough, we’ll also be featuring hot hard cider and hot chocolate to keep you warm and toasty.

Tickets are on sale now! 


The 2018 Naperville Ale Fest – Winter Edition will take place on Saturday, February 24 from 12pm-4pm. Situated on the frozen tundra of Naperville’s Frontier Park – the fest will feature over 150 unique American craft beers. Pull out your long-johns and parkas, it’s time to experience winter’s best craft beers. The fest will also feature food from some of Chicagoland’s favorite food trucks.

Tickets are selling fast so don’t delay…

Josh Seago